Winning Credibility:
A guide for building a business from rags to riches
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Book Info

“Whether you are an entrepreneur, or just interested in the world of business, this book is for you — it is practical with clearly demonstrated examples, and provides a multitude of hints and tips. A highly valuable resource.”

– Sonja Bernhardt, CEO and Founder, ThoughtWare Australia
First Australian inducted into the Hall of Fame for Women in Technology International (Silicon Valley, December 2005)

More than half of new businesses fail within five years, and many of those that endure can’t seem to bridge the gulf between “just surviving” and true success. If you want to beat the odds, then your business will need Winning Credibility.

This book is a practical “how–to” guide for overcoming the hurdles that all entrepreneurs face when starting and growing a business. Serial entrepreneurs Matthew Michalewicz and Zbigniew Michalewicz provide countless “out–of–the–box” solutions for:
  • Winning that first major client.
  • Signing up partners and resellers.
  • Building an all–star management team.
  • Leveraging new customers from existing customers.
  • Impressing the media and analysts.
  • Engaging high–profile board members.
  • Finding investors who provide more than just money.
  • And much more.
These solutions have helped Matthew and Zbigniew Michalewicz to develop an award winning extemely success and rapidly expanding software company SolveIT Software. SolveIT Software Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in supply & demand optimisation, predictive modelling and mining solutions. Their mining software applications cover mining exploration management, mining logistics, mining simulation and Mine planning. Their customers include Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Rio Tinto Simandou, Xstrata Coal, Xstrata Copper, Xstrata Zinc, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, BMA Coal, Fortescue Metals Group, and Pacific National Coal.

Explained in simple and easy–to–understand terms, the credibility–building principles in this book can give your business a winning edge.

“Your credibility in business is critical. Your word should always be kept and if you cannot for some reason, make sure you have the courage to discuss the reason for this. Not having credibility is always a short term fix. Business is never short term, it will always catch up, and you will never be the winner if you lose credibility, with your suppliers, customers and staff. Your credibility, your word and your reputation is everything.”

– Janine Allis, CEO and Founder, Boost Juice Bars
2004 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year

Winning Credibility provides well–demonstrated examples and offers readers a whole host of suggestions and tips, whether you are an entrepreneur or just interested in entrepreneurial skills.”

– Australian Anthill Magazine

“As an entrepreneur that has grown a business from 0 to 400 employees, I have learned just how critical winning credibility is to success in business. The Michalewicz’s have hit on a key success pillar, and this book is a must–read for any entrepreneur. They are serial entrepreneurs that are sharing their insights about the importance of credibility fromexperience.”

– Jud Bowman, Co–Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Motricity

Winning Credibility, with its clear, insightful vision of the fundamentals which contribute to a successful business, would be an invaluable read for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, as well as for employees. It’s not a feel–good ethics tome nor a dry descriptor of business strategies but an interesting and well–paced read.”

– Adelaide Advertiser

Winning Credibility is an excellent practical map leading you through the journey of entrepreneurialism and achieving sustainable business growth. Matthew and Zbigniew have traversed the excitement and challenges of creating successful entrepreneurial businesses and initiatives. This book is a testament to their vision, skills, and tenacity. I encourage all those that are either embarking on their new business journey or are well and truly on the journey to read Winning Credibility for guidance to see both the woods and the trees towards personal fulfillment and business success.”

– Tim Anderson, General Manager, Optimatics

“An invaluable, easy to read primer for anyone looking to start a business or for any entrepreneur dealing with the myriad of issues that confront them in growing their business.”

– Dr Roger Sexton, Chairman, Venture Capital Board

Winning Credibility has something to offer everyone, from newbies to serial entrepreneurs. The running case study also drives home the key messages in a fun yet highly informative way.“

– Alan Noble, CEO and Founder, Netpriva, Co–founder of NetMind, acquired in 2000 by Intellisync for US$400 million

“The greatest challenge faced by start–ups is convincing would–be employees, customers and investors that they should take a punt on an unproven company. Great products are necessary but not sufficient. This book is packed with practical ideas to help you answer the question ‘What should I do to make people believe in my business?’ The authors have started several companies and sold software to Fortune 500 companies. You can benefit from that experience whether you’re an seasoned entrepreneur or you’re just starting out for the first time.”

– Amanda Heyworth, CEO, Playford Capital

“Credibility is an important consideration when trying to increase your business opportunities. As a business woman in the computer industry, I have shared with many other local businesses the great difficulty in selling to government and industry — and not because of inferior products, but because of a perceived lack of credibility. This problem is both nationwide and global, and this book can go a long way in helping to address it.”

– Carol Haslam, TEC (The Executive Connection) Chair

“The Michalewicz’s are fantastic business thinkers who awoke me to the true importance of credibility and reputation in building a business. I used this book as a guide in starting my latest company and it has helped immensely.”

– Nik Cubrilovic, Founder, OmniDrive

“As a private equity manager, I see hundreds of business plans. My key issue is always the people — are they trustworthy, and can they deliver their promises? Effectively, our fundamental review is of the credibility of the people behind the plan.”

– Geoff Thomas, Chief Executive, Paragon Advisory

“The Michalewicz’s are uniquely positioned to provide a discourse on credibility in the business start up process. He has successfully started a business in a competitive environment and made it work! This book is not a chronicle of Matthew and Zbigniew’s success but an honest (very honest) essay on why credibility is so important in the entrepreneurial world. The book is based on first–hand knowledge. It is worthy of anyone‘s close attention if their interest is in the successful starting and nurturing of a new business venture.”

– Ben Nunnally, Professor of Finance, UNC–Charlotte

“As a technology entrepreneur, I find that credibility is more often based on whether you are part of a large corporation or the sales you have already achieved, rather than the actual value of what you are offering. Not fitting that mould does impact your business.
Thanks to Winning Credibility, the issue of ‘What can small– and mid–size businesses do to jump the perceived credibility gap?’ is now resolved. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or just interested in the world of business, this book is for you — it is practical with clearly demonstrated examples, and provides a multitude of hints and tips. A highly valuable resource.”

– Sonja Bernhardt, CEO and Founder, ThoughtWare Australia
First Australian inducted into the Hall of Fame for Women in Technology International (Silicon Valley, December 2005)

“The only thing better than learning through your own personal experience, is learning from somebody else’s. By sharing their knowledge and experience, the Michalewicz’s have provided entrepreneurs with great advice and essentials on how to build a credible business.”

— Rachel Slattery, Founder, Slattery IT

“The authors present their ideas in a direct and easy–to–read format, and don’t hid behind the usual undecipherable industry jargon. They go on to provide a myriad of measured and experienced–tested advice on how to effectively start and grow a business.”

— VirginBlue Voyeur

“As a Venture Capital investor, we see hundreds of businesses every year looking to raise money to fund their business growth. The credibility of the management team, the customer base and the products/technology are critical — both to getting through the door and getting funding. Successful entrepreneurs realise that success in business demands establishing and maintaining credibility with staff, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Winning credibility is a great read with some strong messages for budding entrepreneurs.”

— Allan Aaron, General Partner, Technology Venture Partners

“Whether a business wants to attract capital, customers or employees, entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz believes the success of its mission will depend largely on the credibility it can demonstrate.”

— Australian Financial Review